Property Sets & Organizer Groups

Adding Property Sets to Organizer Groups

There may be cases where adding custom property sets make more sense to be applied to an Organizer group, rather than to the objects linked to that group. For example, adding a custom property set for a production schedule. By adding the property set to the group, it allows you to be able to link objects freely without needing to continuously change the object’s properties.

To add properties to a group

  1. Load a model in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer.

  2. Open the Organizer Panel.

  3. Select the desired Organizer group.

  4. Click the Open properties panel button in the Organizer group.

  5. In the properties panel, click Add custom properties.

  6. Select property set(s) that you want to add and click Done.


The selected properties are now added to the Organizer group and not to the model objects.

You can access this property set only from the Organizer group’s Open properties panel icon.