Custom Organizer Groups

Create Manual Groups

To create custom groups

  1. Load a model in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer.

  2. Open the Organizer Panel.

  3. Start by clicking Add new group.

  4. A dropdown will appear - click "New manual group".

  5. A new group will be added with the name "Untitled group". Click on the name to edit.

  6. Click the Add subgroup button to nest groups under the main group.
    Note: Subgroups can be created under other subgroups too.

  7. Select some objects in 3D.

  8. Click the Link objects button to add the objects to the subgroup.

Create Manual Groups using the Data Table

You can utilize the Data Table to quickly save breakdown structures to Organizer with the click of a button. Once the breakdown structure is saved in Organizer, you can add custom properties to that group, make cross sections and so much more!

See Creating Breakdown Structures in the Data Table chapter for details.