Rule-Based Organizer Groups

Understanding the Rules Panel

Model Selection

When creating a new rule-based group, you first need to start by loading the models you want to be used in the rule definition. By default, the models that are currently loaded in the 3D View will be listed under the “Selected Models” section in the Rules Panel - check all the models you want to use as part of your rule definition. 

You can choose different models by turning them on in the Models Panel, or remove existing models from the rule by unchecking them in the Rules Panel.

Rule Definition

Parts vs Assemblies

Create a rule based group that applies to all the parts or all the assemblies in your model. 

Grouping by Properties

Define which property you want to use (model properties or custom properties), to group the model’s parts or assemblies under. Multi-level grouping is supported. 


Apply colors to your breakdown structure for easy visualization


If you have created a rule-based group from the Data Table, any filters used at the time of creation will be applied as part of the rule definition.


As you add properties to group the model by, you will see a preview of your custom breakdown structure under the “Results” section.

Create a Rule-Based Group

From the Organizer Panel

To create rule-based groups

Your new rule-based group will be added to the Organizer Panel

From the Data Table

To create rule-based groups from the Data Table

Once the Organizer group has finished saving, the Organizer panel will open and the new group will be active.

Note: If you have applied any search filters or colorized the model via Data Table — this will be saved as part of the group’s rules. 

Editing Rules

All of your rule definitions and selected models can edited. 

Visualizing Rule-Based Groups

The new rule-based groups allow you to specify colors per sub-group so you can easily visualize the sub-groups in 3D. If a rule-based group has a color rule, you will see a color drop icon before the group name in the Organzier panel. By clicking the icon, you can quickly toggle the color rules. 

Note: only one group can be colorized in 3D at one time.

Updating the Organizer Grouping

When your model data has changed you can easily update your rule-based organzier group to reflect the latest changes. Until now, linking objects to Organizer groups has been a manual process. The new rule-based organizer groups feature makes the object linking process more automatic by allowing the user to create a rule by which the hierarchical organizer group is automatically created by the application.