Visualizing Actions

Visualize Multiple Actions

If you want to see multiple Actions in relation to others, you can use the Multiple Actions feature in the Status Sharing Tool.

For example, if you have created Actions for Detailed, Fabricated and Erected and you want to see everything that has been detailed in relation to everything that has been fabricated in relation to everything that has been erected, you can do so by choosing Multiple Actions (from the Actions dropdown list) and then selecting those Actions to visualize.

Show Only Completed Statuses

When viewing Multiple Actions, if any of the pieces has a status applied to it, the default behavior is to colorize those objects in the Action’s respective color.

If you want to only view the pieces that have been completed, use the Show only completed option (click All status values to change to Show only completed), that way only the objects with a status of complete will be colorized in the Action’s respective color.

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