Publishing the Policy

Publishing an Access Control Policy

If your library has never been published, the access control policy will be saved as a draft. It will take effect after the library has been published.

If your library has been published and you have not made any changes to it, saving the access control policy will take effect about 15 minutes after the time you saved.

If you have made edits to a library, please allow up to 15 min for this policy to take effect in the 3D application after you have published the library.

Maximum Access Control Policy Size

There is a maximum size for the access control policy document that is created based on the settings made in the Access Control Manager panel. The exact size of the policy document varies based on the details of the access control settings so it is impossible to give a unique amount of property sets and user groups after which the size limit is reached.

Typically adding up to 10 property sets and up to 30 user groups per property set library can be fitted. If the maximum size of the policy is exceeded, then saving changes in the Access Control Manager panel will fail with an error message. If more user groups and/or property sets are needed, then a new library must be created.