Access Control Settings

Access Control Levels and Descriptions

Edit Access
Edit access means that members of the user group can add or remove linked objects, edit the Organizer group name and add or remove subgroups.

Read Only Access
Read only access means that members of the user group can only see the Organizer group and linked data but will not be able to make any changes to it.

No Access
No access means that the Organizer group is hidden from the members of the user group.

Default Access

The default access is a general rule that you can easily define access control for all the project members in your project (current and future). Note: For newly created organizer groups, the default access is “Edit access”.

Initially, the Organizer access control grid has only one row that is labeled as “Default access”. This row represents the access level that is granted to all project members unless a more specific rule can be found from the rows below. In other words, all users who don’t belong to any user group, or are members of a group but no access control rule has been defined for the group, get their access based on the values on this row.

Access control applied to groups override the default access applied to all project members.

Inherited Access

While adding access control to a Connect group, you will have an option which Organizer group you want the access control setting to be applied to. Any Organizer group that is not selected will inherit the access control defined in the default settings.

Inherited settings are marked with an asterisk (*).